Fuel Formula Professional

Saves Fuel, Reduces mechanical friction, Protects the engine from wear, Keeps injectors clean and prevents bacteria

SKU: TB-101-019-01


Triboron is a unique, patented technology for reducing mechanical friction. Mixed with fuel (1:1000) it results in sustainable fuel savings of at least 3-5 %.

The Fuel Formula interacts with the metal surfaces and fonms a tribo-film layer that reduces friction to a minimum and protects mechanical parts from wear. It also cleans the injectors to help maintain the efficiency of the engine and the emission control system.

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1000, 4


For all types of engines powered with petrol, diesel and ethanol in all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, boats and diesel machines, moving as well as stationary.


1:1000 (1 decilitre per 100 litres of fuel). Bacterial Decontamination: 1:500 (2 decilitres per 100 litres of fuel).


Each refuelling